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Workplace Health and safety solutions. Helping you solve your greatest risks.

WHS Solutions

CUBE provide Health & Safety solutions tailored to fit your organisation.

Whilst every organisation wants to comply with the law, the systems they choose and the way they implement them can restrict good safety culture.

Cube Safety can help your organisation get an effective safety system up and running. We can help you select the best product and systems to allow workers to easily record safety activity and Managers to quickly keep track of what needs doing.

H&S Consultancy Services

We provide a range of services to help you meet the requirements of the WHS Act.

Services include:

  • Safety System design and implementation.
  • Independent system and site audits
  • Staff Training & Workshops
  • Project consultancy
  • Risk Analysis
  • Contractor Pre-Qualification

Building an Effective Safety System

Check through your system in the 4 key areas below.


Think about your premises or the places that your staff work from, theses may include places remote to your main business address such as worksites.  Are all systems in place to deal with foreseeable emergencies?  Do staff have adequate facilities as required by law? Are your premises free from health risks?  Your safety system must cover these places.


Here we firstly think of our staff.  It is important that your staff have the ability to safely do what is required without risk to health.  Think, "have my workers had adequate training for what they are doing, do they hold a licence if necessary?"  Consider also the other people that could be effected by your operations e.g.  visitors, contractors or the public, do you have controls on these risks?


Are all tools, vehicles and equipment used in places under your control of a good standard of repair?  Have they been tested as required by law?  How do you check?  Do staff have all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required to operate the equipment safely? 


Consider what hazards your work generates, how risky are they? It will be important that your staff have all the necessary instructions and training to deal with what the day could throw at them.  Plans for reasonably foreseeable events should be prepared and communicated to staff. Then check that they are followed. 

Contact a Local Adviser

Pete Litchfield Adviser / Auditor. 

Sydney Australia

Mobile +61 434 696 393


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